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Brand Positioning in Cape Town, South Africa

Ron Silke Marketing Solutions has mastered brand positioning and has made it possible for companies’ brands to become brand leaders in their respective categories. We know what works and what doesn't. Our “brand mechanic”, Ron Silke, has revolutionised the world of marketing using brand positioning statements to develop the essence of a brand. Brand positioning is about providing intelligent solutions, and helping develop real world strategies that will work for both companies and their brands.

Increase Turnover and Profitability

Brand positioning process

Brand positioning is a smart way of organising and changing consumers’ thinking patterns about your brand. The idea is to create an impression in the consumer’s mind, and to communicate that brand’s specific positioning to the target market. This is a skill that Ron Silke Marketing Solutions has mastered. Brand positioning has everything to do with the consumer and the brand. There are also many other factors that come into play that an astute brand manager must take into account, such as the 4Ps, the 4Cs (the latest way of doing brand positioning) and the product life-cycle.

Create an Impression

These are but a few of the things that play a role in marketing and brand positioning. Once the formula has been put together, this allows brands to increase their market shares and help your company increase turnover and profitability.

I Am a Brand Mechanic


Brand positioning also has a lot to do with the market and how it operates. Finding solutions for companies and coming up with brilliant ideas to help companies solve brand problems is also part of brand positioning. What is also important is choosing a niche market; once this is done it is smooth sailing from there. Ron Silke Marketing Solutions is one of the few companies in the country to have learnt this useful skill and we have made it work for many companies. For a better future for your company, get the help of a Brand Mechanic from Ron Silke Marketing Solutions.

Brilliant Ideas to Help Companies


Positioning and sometimes re-positioning – has revolutionised the way products are advertised and promoted. It’s the first body of thought to deal with the problems of communicating in our over-communicated society. With this approach, a company creates a “position” in the prospect’s mind – one that reflects not only the company’s own strengths and weaknesses but those of its competitors as well. We can show you how to adapt, compete and succeed in today’s over-crowded marketplace. Global marketing expert Ron Silke provides a must-have arsenal of proven marketing and sales techniques as well as business strategies specifically designed for our current economic climate. We can show you how to beat the competition, change with the times and manage a crisis. Even if your company is doing well, these cutting-edge marketing observations can keep you on top of your game and ahead of the pack. Understanding the mindset of your consumers is half the battle. Winning in today’s world is often a matter of “repositioning”. It’s how you rethink the strategies you’ve always relied on. It’s how you regain the success you’ve worked so hard for. It’s how you win the new battle of the mind.

  • Commercial success (or failure) of every business correlates to awesome or (below-par) marketing, regardless of your product, service, category, industry, or current situation.
  • Marketing encompasses the traditional 4Ps – product, price, promotion, and place – AND, most importantly, the brand experience your brand delivers your customer, good or bad.
  • A healthy-brand is any brand that THRIVES within its competitive context. So, it’s not a good-for-you fix, for example, though it could be. However, any company, large or small, can achieve unprecedented success through inventive and revolutionary tactics.
  • If your brand is not thriving, then something must be wrong with your marketing. We can help you.
  • Marketing is nothing more than intelligently “making a promise” and dutifully “keeping it.” Or not. And if you don’t keep your promises, sell your business.
  • The healthiest of brands embody the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • If there were one idea that brands need to contemplate more than any other idea, it would be “Brand Authenticity.”

Cutting-Edge Marketing

As part of a positioning programme “Maalox” was successfully re-positioned as an antacid that “relieves heartburn when you need it most”, "Essentiale” as a hangover remedy that “helps your liver cope”, Emperors Palace as the “palace of dreams” and Steers as “flame-grilled, real food made real good”.

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