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Brand Management

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Brand management along with technology and new techniques is an ever evolving art, but there are some mainstays which, when used along with the expertise of a brand management team like Ron Silke Marketing Solutions will provide products and business with a new, more prolific lease on life.

Innovation and familiarity with the mechanics of branding and marketing are definite requirements if you want to position yourself in the marketplace. Ron Silke, brand mechanic and authentic marketer, has 40 years of proven experience in brand management. Ron has established Ron Silke Marketing Solutions as a leader in marketing consulting, brand and marketing strategy, new product development, diagnostic marketing and brand communication.

Fusion and Diagnostic Marketing

Creating a successful brand requires one to look at the world through the eyes of a customer. Aim to find out why a certain group of people or a location have not cottoned on to your great product yet. Your brand is essentially the perception that your customers have of you. Ron Silke will be your detective, analyst and even a forensic expert in order to get those answers that will propel your brand forward.

Interim Brand Management

His ability to “think outside the box” will serve you well when having Ron research and write your business plan. Ron will take the 4Ps of brand management: Product, Place, Price and Promotion and combine them with the 4Cs: Customer value, Cost to the customer, Convenience and Communication and apply them to your brand, making it unique and compelling.

I Am a Brand Mechanic


As brand managers Ron Silke Marketing Solutions have applied their wealth of experience in marketing and branding to such diverse industries as advertising, fast moving consumer goods, quick-service restaurants/fast-food franchising, pharmaceutical companies, IT technology and the hospitality and tourism industries.

Market Research Study

Establish the identity of your brand from the very start. Instead of employing a full time brand manager or brand management team give your payroll a break and outsource your marketing requirements, from market research and promotional plans to packaging design and sales coaching to Ron Silke Marketing Solutions

Sales and Marketing Training

  • Marketing is not brain surgery. But people who do your Marketing better be strategic, insightful, hard-working, and creative as heck.
  • So, if your brand is not thriving, we would love it if you asked for our help. Helping brands thrive through three disciplines is what we do:

  • STRATEGY – obsessive focus on the Who, the What, and the How,

  • CONTENT CREATION – regardless of media, and

  • DIFFERENTIATION – the re-positioning of your brand for renewed success
  • We want your brand to THRIVE. So call or mail us. Go ahead and make that smart decision. Contact us without delay.

    As outsourced brand management, the team from Ron Silke Marketing Solutions will help you draw up a business plan, identify competition and turn it into advantage, and help you develop realistic and focused objectives and financial growth. They even monitor your brand performance on a regular basis.


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    Cel: 083 271 4313 | Tel: 021 853 4203| Email : | “97 on Strand”, 97 Beach Road, Strand, 7140

    These are some of the prestigious companies that Ron Silke has worked with:

           Peermont     GlaxoSmithKline     Unilever     Steers   Duracell    Gilette    JWT

    Novartis     Aventis