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Brand Management in Cape Town, South Africa

Ron Silke Marketing Solutions offers a comprehensive strategic marketing consulting service, directed around brand management, diagnostic marketing and brand positioning. Innovation and familiarity with the mechanics of branding and marketing are definite requirements if you want to position yourself in the marketplace.

Competitive Advantage

Ron Silke Marketing Solutions is a leader in marketing consulting, brand and marketing strategy, new product development, diagnostic marketing and brand communication.
Ron Silke, brand mechanic and authentic marketer, has 40 years of proven experience in brand and marketing management.

Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber’s Manager, had this to say about authentic marketing:
“Authentic marketing is about respecting the consumer, making a viable product, concentrating on getting eyeballs onto it and then telling its story”. That’s exactly what Ron Silke Marketing Solutions can do for your brand or service offering.

I Am a Brand Mechanic

Our experience and expertise covers such diverse industries such as advertising, FMCGs, fast-food franchising, pharmaceuticals and OTCs, financial services, retail, as well as the gaming, convention, hospitality and tourism industries.

Positioning and sometimes re-positioning – has revolutionised the way products are advertised and promoted. It’s the first body of thought to deal with the problems of communicating in our over-communicated society. With this approach, a company creates a “position” in the prospect’s mind – one that reflects not only the company’s own strengths and weaknesses but those of its competitors as well. We can show you how to adapt, compete and succeed in today’s over-crowded marketplace. Global marketing expert Ron Silke provides a must-have arsenal of proven marketing and sales techniques as well as business strategies specifically designed for our current economic climate. We can show you how to beat the competition, change with the times and manage a crisis. Even if your company is doing well, these cutting-edge marketing observations can keep you on top of your game and ahead of the pack. Understanding the mindset of your consumers is half the battle. Winning in today’s world is often a matter of “repositioning”.

Interim Brand Management

It’s how you rethink the strategies you’ve always relied on.

Business Plan Consulting Service


It’s how you regain the success you’ve worked so hard for. It’s how you win the new battle of the mind.
We can show you a way to generate higher turnover and profitability while reducing your marketing costs.

Fusion and Diagnostic Marketing



We at Ron Silke Marketing Solutions have tailored our expertise to introduce and market a concept or a product so that it becomes a household word. As a brand mechanic we focus on marketing which is relevant to the client's needs. Our marketing is divided into four segments, thereby ensuring new markets can be created, existing markets can be won and the arena can be dominated by a single brand.

Strategic marketing.
A business is seen as having a robust strategy when it has strong points of difference from competitors’ strategies. The Brand Mechanic can help you build a profitable business through world-class marketing. He uses marketing to understand , create, communicate and deliver value. Part of the process is identifying market opportunities and developing targeted value offerings. Stemming from this, is developing value propositions and building brand equity which gets to the very essence of the brand or service.

Tactical marketing.
Market intelligence is becoming one of the greatest tools a company can have in its marketing arsenal. It’s important to know the buying behaviour of the consumers buying and using your brand. Once you know your target market it’s time to design the Marketing Mix, often referred to as the 4Ps of marketing. Simply put, it’s product, price, promotion and place. The Brand Mechanic can guide you through the process of choosing the optimal mix to suit your brand gain maximum exposure and thus build your brand architecture within the consumers’ minds – this is uniquely done by designing and delivering more customer value.

Administrative marketing.
A company needs to prepare marketing plans each year for each major sector of marketing action. The Brand Mechanic at Ron Silke Marketing Solutions is well-versed in providing  guidance to marketing personnel in areas like situation analysis, including the very important SWOT analysis, quantified marketing objectives and goals, marketing strategy, marketing action plan, marketing controls. Finally, we are able to help you evaluate your marketing performance.

Transformational marketing.
The most successful companies are the ones which have adapted their marketing strategies to the new age of electronic marketing. Consumer and B2B buying behaviour have changed. All this means is that you must challenge your rivals, differentiate your product, increase your value and stand out in the crowd – this way you beat the competition. Change with the times: Use the latest technologies, communications, and multimedia resources to connect with your consumers.


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These are some of the prestigious companies that Ron Silke has worked with:

       Peermont     GlaxoSmithKline     Unilever        Duracell    Gilette    JWT